Tricks of the Trade: Getting Bikini Ready

With summer finally here, for some of us, the thought of bathing suits and shorter hemlines can sometimes leave us feeling a tad self-conscious about our bodies (what with all that extra skin suddenly on display). A number one complaint has got to be those troublesome dimples and bumps that seem to magically appear on our thighs but can also sometimes show up on the stomach, arms and of course buttocks. But before we get into some quick non-invasive ways to help ease you into a bikini this season let’s chat about the science behind this nagging problem.

How is cellulite formed? The body stores toxins in the fat to help minimise how much toxicity the vital organs are exposed to.  All the muscles of the body are wrapped in a padding of fatty, connective tissue. These fatty cells of padding are held in place by a network of fibres. Constantly circulating through these fibres are the nourishing liquids-water, blood and lymphatic fluid. These liquids carry oxygen and nutrients through the tissues and also cleanse them of waste. A change occurs when the waste removal process is slowed down in areas prone to cellulite. As a result, the connective tissue, saturated with water and wastes-thickens, hardens and forms immovable pockets. These bulges then puff up to produce the ripples and lumpy skin giving the orange peel affect known as cellulite!

To prevent cellulite from forming it is important to eat healthy, have low fat foods like fruits, vegetables and foods that contain fibres. Other ways include doing exercise on a regular basis, maintaining a healthy weight, reducing stress and by keeping the body hydrated and flushed from toxins by drinking enough pure clean water and organic hydration from fresh fruits and vegetables can help to keep toxins flushing through the body. Similarly by having massages that involves kneading the skin with a rolling suction device to boost circulation and stimulate collagen production for those troubled areas can help improve the condition of cellulite, other ways include using cellulite creams key ingredients to look for are caffeine, retinol, peptides, Horsetail Extract and vitamin C to name a few, these will effectively narrow blood vessels and force water from the skin, listed are some suggestions to boost your confidence during the summer months:

Art Naturals Cellulite – Away Cream: Contains proven anti-cellulite retinol, caffeine, and seaweed. Gives moisture, firming, tightening and sculpting results to the skin. Non-greasy formula that is easy to apply at home. Ideally for erasing dimples from legs, arms, stomach and buttocks as it reduces appearance of cellulite and wrinkled sagging skin.

Tanceuticals CC Self Tanning Cellulite Lotion: Combination product that works as a self-tanner and a cellulite lotion, helps diminish the look of cellulite. Leaving skin smoother and softer and tanned.

Celluprov Cellulite Firming Complex: Lightweight formula goes on extremely easily and blends quickly, leaves skin feeling very smooth and moisturised in the short-term, continued use results in the appearance of cellulite lessening especially after a few weeks.

Freezeframe Liposlim: Has a built in massager feels like a total necessity. Promising to get to work in just 10 minutes, this isn’t just for legs and bums, but for tummy, arms and anywhere else that needs a little work. Ideal for boosting along any stretch mark removal treatment you may already be having.

Phytomer Complete Reshaping Body CareContains natural ingredients including seawater, to reactivate the body’s ability to remove unsightly fat. Marine spring water also promotes the production of collagen, to help plump and fill out dimpled skin. Apply with firm circular motions, followed by kneading, until it has completely been absorbed.

Salon treatments that use massage and suction to stimulate collagen production are relatively painless they also add heat energy to help shrink fat cells that the liver then processes. Venus Concept launched the Venus Versa, which has IPL for skin rejuvenation, Nanofractional RF (Radio Frequency) with SmartScan to improve texture and Octi-Polar and Diamond-Polar that can reduce cellulite and tighten the skin. Venus Legacy, which uses RF and suction for stubborn cellulite. Both machines are available at Fere & Hasti at Neville Hair & Beauty. Great way to boost your self-confidence and shine!!

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