5 Moves, 30 Minutes, No Gym Required

When it comes to working out, sometimes the biggest obstacle can be making it to the studio. However, in my book, exercising does not have to be synonymous with going into the gym. There are days when life gets a little crazy and I only have 20 or 30 minutes to designate towards a workout, which I always try to treat myself to! Your body is the most valuable piece of equipment when it comes to getting into shape, so take advantage of having it at your constant disposal!

When time is of the essence and I’m looking for an efficient, heart-pumping workout, these are my favorite go-to moves.

Jumping Rope- An oldie, but a goodie! Jumping rope is a great way to kick-start your heart rate at the beginning of a workout, and also a great tool for working on coordination and power. Start off with a standard double jump, then challenge yourself with single jumps. Really want to push it? Try playing around with tempo and side-to-side hops to keep your heart rate elevated! No rope? No problem- hold your arms out as if you had one and start jumping!

OP_5Moves-PlyoLunge from Jillian Magenheim on Vimeo.

Squats- The best way to a great butt! Start off with body weight squats, shifting your weight into your heels and driving your hips back behind you.  Engage your hamstrings and glutes as you rise, fully squeezing them at the top. Make this a power movement by turning it into a squat jump: start low, propel yourself upward and find a brief second of hang time in the air, then landing low with bent knees.  Repeat!

Backward Lunges: Another glute blaster, the backward lunge is great single leg isolation that challenges your balance. Focus on keeping your front knee directly over the ankle, step back with your opposite leg while keeping your hips square. Root down, drive  through your front heel, and engage your standing glute to rise, bringing your opposite leg up to 90 degrees. Want to feel the burn? Make it a fat-burning plyometric movement by making it a backward judge jump combination!
Walkouts: Planks, Shoulder-Taps and Pushups- Develop shoulder stability and muscle definition while carving out your abs! Start in a standing position, then roll down and walk your hands out directly underneath your shoulders. Hold a high plank position, engaging your core so that you feel your belly button internally pull up towards your back. Walk hands back towards your feet and rise. Increase the difficulty by adding a shoulder tap to your high plank hold, focusing on maintaining level hips as your tap your hand to the opposite shoulders. Once you’ve mastered those, add a pushup to your walkout for a huge challenge to your upper body and core. Continue to increase your speed as you perfect each movement to keep your heart rate up.

Single Leg Glute Bridge Extension/Thrust: To perform the single leg extension, bridge up, keeping your heels close to your glutes and extend one leg out to 45 degrees. Keep the extended foot softly flexed and lower your heel to tap the ground and bring leg back up to 45 degrees.  Your opposite hamstring and glute should be engaged and doing all the work! For the single leg thrust, bridge up just as before and extend your foot upwards toward the ceiling with your foot softly flexed.  Slowly lower your hips down evenly and press into your rooted foot to thrust your hips upward, squeezing the same glute as your hips return to the bridge position. Do each movement separately or perform an extension/thrust combination to challenge yourself.

Tabletop Extension Crunches: One of my favorites! Begin on your back with your knees in tabletop. Slowly crunch up, curling your upper body off the ground. Progress this crunch by using your lower and upper abdominals to pull your knees in as you exhale and curl forward, then slowly extend your legs to 45 degrees as you lower your head to the floor. Create a lower-abdominal and pelvic floor-focus by maintaining an upper body curl as you extend your legs outward, then pull them in as your exhale.

Perform each of the above exercises in order, each for 1 minute while focusing on proper form and muscle engagement to get the most out of each exercise! Play around with the various progressions as you master each movement and to mix up your routine each time. Repeat 4-5 times for a great full body burn that you will finish in 30 minutes or less!

About the Author

Chelsea DeLay is a certified personal trainer specializing in core conditioning and marathon training, and is licensed in pre- and post-natal fitness. With a background in running, gymnastics, and pilates, Chelsea’s unique training approach targets lean muscle definition through a combination of functional strength training, postural alignment, and high intensity interval training. Follow her workout stories on Instagram at @chelsealoreen and find her training near the Brooklyn Bridge waterfront at Equinox- DUMBO.