Restoring Radiance this Winter

We all know that drinking plenty of water and having a balanced diet will help boost our skin’s radiances and can help with skin tone, however it doesn’t stop the hands of time taking their toll on our skin. Free radicals are other factors that don’t help a lifetime of exposure of sunlight and pollution causes a breaking down the structure of collagen and elastin in our skin, resulting in our skin looking dull and lifeless.

To help prevent the loss of firmness and radiance, it’s vital to buy anti-aging products that fight the effects of aging. The best creams are ones that are nourishing and stimulating to fight the problems of dry and dehydrated skin, activate production of collagen and elastin, boost cell renewal to balance facial volume. Our suggested ideas for this winter are: 

Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream SPF20: Great for preventing and correcting the signs of ageing. Contains new Myrothamnus extract to minimise the impact of daily stress to help keep skin smooth and radiant. With technology powered by plant extracts and the latest breakthroughs in botanical research, this cream is ideal in restoring hydration and helping to maintain a youthful complexion. Added SPF20 protects the skin from harmful UV rays and pollution.

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream with Super 7 Complex: Daily moisturiser that works to provide significant moisture that lasts up to 24 hours. Formulated with a proprietary Super 7 Complex, specifically designed to help minimise and prevent visible signs of ageing, this enriched formula helps create intense hydration and boost radiance with an illuminating dewy glow.

Clark’s Botanicals Age Defying Radiance CreamHas 18 active ingredients formulated to work both above and below the surface of the skin. Key ingredients Sea Buckthorn a natural ingredient that contains high concentrations of vitamin C great for helping to even out tone. Progeline acts like a lipo-filler by increasing fatty tissue growth in the skin and smoothing folds and lines. Tripeptides these slow down progerin synthesis that in turn improves firmness and elasticity, especially around the contour of the jawline.

Retinol Cream Vitamin A Cream: This non-greasy nourishing and protecting moisturiser delivers a unique form of vitamin A to help protect against damaging environmental factors, fine lines and wrinkles while lessening the appearance of age spots and sun damage. Helps put back and revive the skin’s suppleness and youthful glow.

REN Radiance Prefecting Serum: A multi active serum with potent blend of Glasbridin from Licorice, Tyrosinase Inhibitors, from Wild Canadian Rumex, and Vitamin C helps reduce visible signs of ageing such as age spots and blemishes while correcting skin tone.  Hyaluronic acid delivers intense hydration and plumps the skin while Glycogen from Fruit Sugar and Magnesium from Olivine, a natural mineral, together with Vitamin C boost skin energy and radiance. Results healthy radiant even toned complexion. Regular use will help the appearance of sun damaged skin and hyperpigmentation.

It’s a fact that we all age, our skin reflects this in time with the lose of lipids in the skin, so look after and feed your skin this winter and wave bye bye to the dull, grey sallow look and let your true beauty shine through.

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