A Gift For Mom

– By Ali Roff –

Mothers can be among the most difficult on your gift list.  After all, you have exhausted all of your best ideas, from plaster hand prints to macaroni necklaces, over years of holidays and birthdays.  And of course, every time you ask if there’s something special she might enjoy, you get the typical Mom response: “Oh honey, I don’t want you to get me anything.  I already have everything I need.”  But what are our mothers really hoping for this Christmas?  To feel younger?  To feel more relaxed?  To get away from monotonous everyday chores?  Probably all the above, and though we may not have the power to grant these wishes in the literal sense, we can – and should – spoil the woman in all our lives who never thinks of herself; always putting the needs of every one else ahead of her own. Here are a few gifts – things she would never think to buy for herself – guaranteed to make our mothers smile  Oh, and be sure to promise you’ll clean up after Christmas dinner.

1.  Anthropologie Just Picked Recipe Cards, $14
2.  Charles Fradin Home Recipe Box, $119
3.  Karl Donoghue Plum Shearling Stole, $485
4.  Diane von Furstenberg, “Diane: A Signature Life”, $27
5.  A.Monroe Love Necklace, $225
6.  Hermes Vintage Printed Scarf, $658
7.  Valentino Misty Rose Cozy Cardigan, $2000
8.  Goyard St. Louis Tote, www.Goyard.com for Stores
9. Mulberry Heart Fob Keyring, $95 Each
11.  David Yurman Pave Diamond Heart Lock Bracelet, $525
12.  Jennifer Fisher Family Tree Charm with 3, 4, or 5 Engraved Discs, From $800
13.  Chanel Ballet Flats, www.Chanel.com for Stores
Born and based in London, Ali Roff has grown up surrounded by the eccentric and exciting style that London fashion has to offer. She can regularly be found visiting London’s famous markets and museums such as the V&A, and also maintains her personal blog,www.fashionphoenixblog.blogspot.com.





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