A Hurrah for AHAlife and Co-founder Shauna Mei

– By Elizabeth Brockway –  

Shauna Mei - CEO and Founder of AHAlife

Ever feel at a loss while shopping online? Like you don’t have the chance to browse the racks like you do in stores? We search  e-retailers for the things we need, but rarely do we take the time to look around for objects of desire instead of necessity.  Enter your curated solution: AHAlife.

Shauna Mei founded AHAlife a year ago this month, after realizing that most online retailers were geared toward a male clientele.  In general, while men shop with a purpose—go in, find the socks they have needed, and then leave—at times, women linger in the stores searching for nothing in particular other than something they desire. Ms. Mei wanted to bring back that search for something women want instead of just looking for what they need. In other words, she wanted people to be able to have an “aha!” moment, even on an e-retailer.

Each day, AHAlife features category with a few items in that category up for purchase. The groupings vary from titles like “Fashion Week Essentials” to ones more specific (if albeit a little more eccentric) like “Portable Animal Speakers”.  Whether the day be under the overarching theme of “Dress Me”, “Optimize Me”, or “Enlighten Me”, etc., the products on display, though rarely a necessity, are consistently interesting, even if just for a browse.

Working in AHAlife's loftspace & offices is like working in a wonderfully curated gallery shop!

One of the features of which AHAlife is proudest is their curators.  AHAlife boasts a diverse array of talented and extraordinary “global tastemakers”, ranging from established designers such as Donna Karan, to editorial stylists like Tabitha Simmons, and the all-encompassing fashion guru, Tim Gunn.  The curators are responsible for everything that we see and are able to purchase on the website. So, each thing that arrives on our doorstep?—certifiably  recommended by these AHAlife elite!

Let us know below if you decide to find your next “AHA!” moment!



Elizabeth Hunt Brockway is a fashion, art, and film obsessed writer and photographer from Washington, DC.  She began her career at fashion PR firm, PR Consulting, followed by a year interning at American Vogue, and is presently working with stylist Elissa Santisi and Into the Gloss blogger, Emily Weiss.  She currently resides in Manhattan.  


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