A Study of Contrasts: An Interview with DELPOZO’s Josep Font

– By Julia Urgel Jubera –


With only two collections under his belt at design house DELPOZO, Josep Font has taken the Spanish brand and elevated it to the next level.  As the new creative director of the historic Spanish house, he’s brought a new and youthful look to the 39 year old brand.  With his designs having entered fashion’s ‘big league’ – showing at New York Fashion Week and displayed on Hollywood’s red carpet – we were ecstatic to have the opportunity to sit down and have an exclusive chat with this prominent new face of the DELPOZO brand.

Julia Urgel: When did you your passion for design and fashion start?
Josep Font: I remember going shopping with my mother when I was little. My mother was elegant and had a very special taste. I used to accompany her to the best shops in Barcelona and although I was just a child, she always asked my opinion. So I was just a child, when I started to feel a fascination for fashion.

JU: What do you aspire with your collections?
JF: Dressing woman and making them feel special.

JU: In essence, how do you contribute to the DELPOZO brand?
JF: From the beginning, I felt the need to get involved personally in the project.  Besides giving an international vision to the brand, I also wanted to incorporate new fashion codes to enrich and evolve DelPozo.

JU: How would you define the values of the maison?
JF: DELPOZO is characterized by creating a personal style through elaborate and unique elements.  We prioritize creativity and rigor to the most simple detail without forgetting our women’s wishes and needs.

JU: As part of a campaign you brought the collection to New York Fashion Week for International visibilty.  How was the landing?
JF: The balance and the reviews have been very good and the collection has been sold well. I remember those days as a lot and intense work but at the same time, we were calm and satisfied… We only suffered the usual setbacks of any other runway show.

JU: What do you expect from the american public? Is it very different from the European you are used to work for?
JF: I actually did not expect anything about it. I always try to think in a global way and maintain a very international perception of our work. Our style is personal, but our principles are universal. So what we did in New York would had been the same in Paris or Milan.

JU: What kind of woman wears DELPOZO?
JF: The DELPOZO woman has no particular age or image – it’s a set of attitudes that includes intelligence, poise and a way of understanding the world.

JU: How would you describe your last collection?
JF: Basically, the collection can be summarized as a balanced set of research-based contrasts of colors and shapes.

JU: Can you give Oliviapalermo.com any hints as to what’s to come for the next collection?
JF: We are still working in the design of the collection, so it’s a bit early to say anything … I can only say that each collection is an evolution of the previous and you can recognize characteristics features of the firm.


JU: How do you work in your workshop?
JF: Haute Couture is part of the DNA of the house. So we follow a similar methodology to classic couture. In addition to incorporating traditional techniques to our collections, we spend months researching and modeling by hand. That is why despite having complicated patterns they apparently look simple. We know it is a complicated way of working but also it is one of the things that makes us different.

JU: How is the place where you work? Your moodboard? What inspires you to create a collection?
JF: We work in a white room, very spacious and full of light. In the middle, we have a huge table where we can draw, embroider or select materials. On one side of the room, the wall is  a mirror that helps us with the fittings and on the other side we have a cork wall where we select the images that will inspire the collection. Every year is differente and we start from different contexts, sometimes antagonistic, while we are shaping the collection to find common links.

JU: What other projects are you working on?
JF:  We don’t stop.  Right now we are engaged in many projects such as new stores, the first line of a commercial footwear brand, a new bridal capsule collection, the development of the first fragrance of the brand, etc.

JU: What do you think of endorsers/prescribers in the fashion industry?
JF: Thanks to the Internet and Social Networks, prescribers are increasingly important.  Personally, I can not imagine fashion without them.  Their role is essential when brands introduce new trends in the market.  Thanks to them, the public can assimilate and acquire the designs earlier than ever.

JU: If DELPOZO was a song … Which one would it be?
JF: “Fascination” by Jane Morgan.

JU: And a what if it were a landscape?
JF: One painted by Corot.

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Julia Urgel is a journalist who contributes to a multitude of magazines.  She lived in Boston for many years and is now based in Madrid, with a MBA in fashion (and a future PhD in fashion too). Follow her on twitter @julia_urgel

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