A Travel Must: La Reserve Paris Hotel & Spa

“This is a place not for sleeping, but for dreaming…” – Nicolas, Chef Concierge

There are many hotels that preach the idea of being your ‘home away from home’ – and the idea of this is blissful to imagine, especially when traveling a long distance – however none come as close to this realization as does La Reserve Paris Hotel & Spa.
La Reserve resides unassumingly above the Champs-Elysses in the middle of a quiet strip on Avenue Gabriel – a stones throw away from the Grand Palais and the President’s palace. In fact, if it weren’t for the cheerful doormen whisking patrons from the entranceway to their reserved taxi’s (thanks to the exceptional concierge) you could easily walk right by their cherry colored door entrance, and wouldn’t that be a shame. For inside the property emenates discreet elegance as you’re greeted by James tissot inspired decor, pristine 2-Michelin star cuisine and a remarkable staff, all of which have smiling faces that are ready and willing to help you with anything in order to make your stay the vacation of a lifetime.
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As you enter La Reserve’s newest property, you immediately notice the stunning and ornate decor which swiftly takes you back to the 19th century when Baron Haussmann was reinventing the city of lights one brick at a time. Inspired by Duc de Morny, the first owner of the splendid maison particuliere, designer Jacques Garcia and owner Michel Reybier were meticulous in their work to create entirely different moods and motifs within each of the spaces in order to make them truly unique from one another, yet equally as beautiful.
For example, the library gives off a rich yet cozy vibe as it’s filled with velvet tufted seating in hunter green and emerald while the walls are lined with books that lead you straight to the honesty bar full of homemade sweets and plenty of fine liquors. From there, you can open the almost hidden heavy door that takes you down a marble hallway to the smoking room which comes with a beautiful outdoor balcony all of which is adorned with trickling ivy and plush white cushions to keep you chic and comfortable while puffing on their ready available cigars.
Photo Credit: Alex Samuelian (@alexsamuelian)
Then there’s the main salon which provides the most color with birds of paradise and bright red fabric covering neoclassical love seats with gold accents. It’s the perfect setting to feel like royalty as you dig into everything from freshly baked pastries and farm-fresh egg omelets (did we mention you can get breakfast all day and night?), to cherry-foie gras tartelettes and John Dory filets. Once you’ve had your fill of fine dining head down one floor and indulge in a spa treatment the hotel chain is famous for. There’s something for everyone; a 16-meter indoor pool, a full exercise room, a dreamy twinkle light filled sauna and three tranquil rooms to receive enough facials and massages until your relaxed beyond your wildest dreams.
Next are the rooms themselves. A total of only 40 expansive rooms (divided up into 26 suites and 14 rooms) are decorated with heavy velvet drapes, waffle woven fabrics, herringbone oak parquet, and unique pieces of antique furniture to continue the exquisite look of the hotel into the privacy of your own abode. Each room is bright and airy as it’s flooded with natural light, including the bathrooms which are covered entirely in beautifully laid Carrara and Turquin blue marble. The suites are particularly impressive with special additions of a dedicated iPad to control the room, numerous balconies to take in the Parisian view.


A review of this palace cannot be complete without gushing about their above and beyond pristine service. As we just stated, if you find yourself in one of their luxurious suites you’ll find yourself with a butler to help with anything you may need 24/7, however rest assured that no matter what room you’re in, you’re in for some seriously fabulous treatment. The morning paper, restaurant suggestions and reservations, pressed laundry in 15 minutes, a taxi waiting at a moments’ notice, shoe shines, mineral water bedside at turndown etc. it’s all done at the drop of a hat (or at the dial of a telephone). And just in case you can’t get out of your uber plush king-sized bed to experience Chef Reybier’s two Michelin-star cuisine at Le Gabriel, you can always order room-service (which will make it’s way up to you in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed).
It’s these delicate personal touches that remind you why this establishment is worthy of something much greater than a 5-star award for this is truly a place of perfection.

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