Accessories Spotlight: Furla SS17

As an established accessories brand, with deep roots in Italy and a history of using the highest quality skins and craftsmanship money can (and can’t) buy, Furla went out of their classic and poised comfort zone for a walk on the wild side with their ‘field of imagination’ collection for Spring 2017.

Inspired by nature, the latest pieces which consisted of classic Vittoria bucket bags and Icaro backpacks are bursting at their hand-stitched seams with electric energy thanks to 50 exclusive pop prints of animals and florals boasting vivid colors and fun trims, providing a cross of urban jungle spirit meets elegant design. Set within the Palazzo Cusani, wherever there wasn’t a display of feline cross-bodies or bird printed flatform espadrilles, florals sprung from the ground and artisanal set pieces made from recycled materials consumed the area, (and the audience), rounding out the nature-inspired world they set out to create.

“Furla Metropolis Jungle features the faces of six of the animals that populate a fantastic forest of prints, where each creature represents a specific characteristic. There’s the elegance of the panther, the strength of the lion, the intelligence of the monkey, the zany irony of the zebra and the joy of the parrot.”

The best part about these latest additions to the Furla family, they bring a maximum dosage of whimsy which to us will bring about an entirely new consumer who may not have considered the Furla brand in the past while simultaneously not alienating their loyal following. We call that, a win-win.


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