Accessories Spotlight: Neha Dani Jewelry

New Delhi based jewelry designer, Neha Dani, is part of a movement to revive the splendor of jewelry through handmade techniques.

Impeccable craftsmanship is evident in her exploration of detail. Starting with a hand-sculpted wax model, each one-of-a-kind piece is fabricated in 18-karat gold and every gem is painstakingly selected by Neha. Although her pieces may appear abstract, themes of the natural world and human emotions are present in each design. Certain inspirations, including dried leaves and flower petals, show up again and again in different variations.

“I am mostly inspired by different aspects of nature, from its contours and forms to its ever-changing colors, blooms and silhouettes. Cadence [the rhodium collection] was special as it originates from the depths of the sea, inspired from aquatic plants. I have tried to capture their rhythmic movements as they sway in tune with the flowing water. As I observe nature very closely, it almost feels like every leaf or flower has a soul and life of its own. The ever-changing form each one takes as they bloom and eventually shrink is unique; it’s like bringing out their personalities. I like to present this unique character through my creations” explains Dani.

In addition to her training at international labs in identifying and grading gemstones, Neha creates exclusive art pieces and designs high jewelry for private collectors. In 2014 she was named a Rising Star at JCK Las Vegas, the country’s largest gem and jewelry fair. She’s also a Fellow of the Gemological Association of England and a Gemological Institute of America certified Graduate Gemologist.

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