Accessories Spotlight: Nikos Koulis

Nikos Koulis, a Greek designer, derived his career initially from an established family business. Koulis studied Gemology and Glyptography in the Gemological Institute of America, before creating Nikos Koulis Jewels- debuting further, his elaborate technique, along with a deep-rooted knowledge in the craftsmanship of jewelry making.

Koulis’ atelier is based in Athens, where the designer manifests unique pieces, inhabiting an individual ethos. It is with this craftsmanship, that the award-winning Greek designer has gained international admiration for refinism, imbued with a sense of strength. A striking DNA- half Deco, half futuristic- holds varied-cut stones and exquisite emerald and diamond pieces.

It is with this reasoning and precision, that granted Koulis the International Jewelry Designer Award at the VicenzaOro exhibition in Italy, last year, whilst simultaneously landing amongst the sights of prominent stylists. As an effect, Koulis’ jewelry, distinct by nature, has attracted wearers amongst the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Salma Hayek, Saoirse Ronan and Jennifer Lawrence.

Koulis, continues to break boundaries, even if once set by himself. Koulis debuted Lingerie– the designer’s first collection utilizing mostly round forms, as well as Tahiti silver pearls. Koulis married such newness with heritage signatures- white diamonds, emeralds, blue sapphires and rubies paired back to black enamel. A collection that spoke moreso to the process of Nikos Koulis and his creations possessing a timeless factor, radiating the present, while aspiring for the future.

About the Author

Jennifer Paccione is a fashion editor who shares her time between New York City and Milan. She has been featured and published with respected magazines internationally in various languages. She currently acts as contributing editor for publications including Bulgari Magazine, The Fashionable Lampoon, Fashion to Max and RedMilk Magazine, whilst having contributed for NYLON and Editorialist. Alongside journalism, Jennifer freelances as a social media and digital marketing advisor, having already worked with brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Alberta Ferretti and Philosophy, among many. Follow her on Instagram @jenniferpaccione