Accessories Spotlight: Rosantica

Michela Panero resided in New York for 11 years before returning to her hometown of Italy, where she shadowed and worked with various fashion and accessories showrooms. In 2009 Michela launched her own jewelry line titled, Rosantica. Incorporating Greek and Roman traditions with modern trends and shapes, Rosantica brings to treasure chests around the world, timeless pieces that stay with you for life.

From cosmic earrings to elegant head pieces all of Rosantica’s accessories are made by hand, giving them organic shapes and an injection of whimsy (many of the pieces display movement in a variety of ways) allowing each item to be one-of-a-kind. A thread of art-deco inspiration runs through the brand, providing an almost vintage feel to even the newest selection, (their packaging even utilizes vintage silk pouches), and her focus on layering, 3D shapes and a bold eclectic elegance allows for these vibrant jewels to standout in the most covetable way.

The current collection is predominantly gold with gentle, multicolored beadwork. Stacks of spiraled yellow gold make up the Pizzo Rainbow Swirl Drop Earrings, while the Medusa Long Neon Fringe Necklace is ideal for a white, beach dress with a deep v. There are pom-poms of pearls fashioned onto headbands and double-sided earrings while gold-plate, quartz and ceramics intermingle on hand-painted brooches and perfectly balanced necklaces.

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