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Going to the movies to see the latest blockbuster on a rainy day is something we’ve all done.  You go, buy your ticket, get some popcorn and/or candy (junior mints are my personal favorite), a bottle of water or soda, casually walk to your semi-comfortable cushioned seat and settle in to let your troubles fall to the way-side for 2 hours of blissful cinema action.  This continual routine is one we all know very well and, in fact, we’ve all found quite adequate – until of course, you have the opportunity to attend a show at an Everyman Cinema.

Originally built-in Hampstead in 1933, now one of Britain’s oldest independently owned movie theater’s, Everyman Cinema’s is inventive and positively revolutionary, evolving “going to the movies” into a “cinematic experience”.  This patron-centric and hospitality driven company has expanded from one cinema into ten, turning the multiplex ruled industry on its head by providing a one of a kind environment for a personal customer experience.


Everyman Cinema: Maida Vale on Sutherland Avenue

These luxurious cinemas offer an eclectic mix of house and mainstream movies along with “special events” like MET Opera performances, comedy acts and documentary showings.  As the company refurbishes old buildings into deluxe movie mecca’s, not one detail is forgotten.  There’s waiter service in the theater, extensive menus to please all palettes, reclining leather seats, posh decor, stocked cocktail bar’s, relaxing foyer’s and even some with swanky lounges for before (or after) your show.

One of the major highlights of Everyman Cinema theater’s is the food.  Winning TimeOut London’s “best innovation” cinema food award, you can bet you’re in for a treat (literally).  Feel free to head to the theater early to grab one of their freshly made pizza’s along with a side of olives tossed with sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese paired with a glass of bordeaux, or comfortably order some prosecco or an espresso while you nibble on honey-roasted cashews or a decadent slice of chocolate cheesecake from your plush two-seater deluxe sofa (with foot rest) – allowing for the perfect cuddle-worthy date night.

As Everyman Cinema’s continue to grow and extend themselves out of the UK soon (fingers crossed!), they continue to allow their consumer’s the ultimate indulgent escape into the incredible fantasy world of film by dedicating themselves to creating a movie-going experience you’ll want to re-live over and over again.



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