Andre’s Favorites: New Year, Better Hair

To start off the new year, I wanted to put together a group of favorites (along with a little tip) to giving you the strongest and healthiest styled hair you can have. Don’t forget, to keep it looking its best, make sure to always get your hair cut or trimmed (depending on if you’re growing your hair out) every two months! It helps to keep the shape of the hair and in tip top shape for years to come. Now, on to the products!
1. Julien Farel Restore – this is a first of its kind because it cleanses and conditions all in one, and because I like to focus on the health of the hair , this amazing product is anti-aging and brings the hair back to its Ph balance.  You can use twice a week along with your regular shampoo on alternate day, great for our glamour girls who must wash their hair every day .
2. Beachwaver – I really love the beach waver because it’s quick and easy and it’s a wonderful hot tool not only for us stylists’ but for our fabulous ladies that can easily use on their own hair (making it a great gift too!)
3. Oribe dry shampoo. What girl on the go does not need a great dry shampoo ? Oribe’s dry shampoo gives you a great clean lift at the root and great texture to the hair .
4. R+Co One Prep Spray– this is a great product for our glamour girls who likes to style their hair every day, it preps the hair by nourishing the hair , and gives great shine and body to the hair.
5. Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray – I have been using this product for a very long time , it is from natural plant extract so it’s all natural , it gives you great lift at the root and amazing volume !
6. Macadamia Nourishing Moisture Masque– Hair breakage is inevitable, but if we can turn back time before it starts, well this moisture mask is the next best thing to keeping your hair from breakage penetrating the hair shaft and healing the hair so it stays healthy !
7. BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Hair Rollers – who said you can’t style your hair without damage? These thermo rollers are great for the hair minimal damage to the hair you can get waves and curls from these rollers , and perfect for our ladies that can’t handle a curling iron , curl the hair with the rollers for curls , for waves you rap your hair around the rollers from the root to end.

About the Author

Andre is a celebrity hairstylist at Julien Farel in New York City.