Andre’s Must Haves: For the Best On-The-Go Hair

1- Fat Hair, I think this says it all. To be used after washing and conditioning, add half a palm full of mousse and with a comb, scoop up the mousse and brush through the roots and ends of your hair. Make sure to focus on the roots for volume with a blow dryer and style as desired.
2- Oribe’s texturizing spray gives hair a really nice volume and texture after blow drying. Spray evenly through the hair to complete your style.
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3- This product is a life saver for many women who have fine hair or not as much hair in the crown area. Toppik’ is like a powder form you sprinkle onto the crown of your hairline in order to give you the look of having thicker and fuller body of hair (and will cover pesky grays if you can’t see you colorist right away).
4- Amila legend rejuvenating oil– this oil is night oily and its a great finshing product, put a squirt in your palm rub your hands together and put it through your hair and remember to avoid the roots to keep your hair from getting weighed down.
5- 100% human hair clip on extensions when your rushing to a show and you want more volume without the commitment of semi permanent extensions. section the hair and tease area you desire to place the clip ons then clip on extension, repeat for desired amount.
6- Wrap hook ponytail bands– makes it easy to put your hair up and wrap and hook into the hair in case you need a change at the end of the day.
7- And, if you need touch ups, and can’t work a curling iron to set your hair, no problem. It’s ok to go old school and  set your hair with the Remington style curl envy rollers’.

About the Author

Andre is a celebrity hairstylist at Julien Farel in New York City.