Apple x Hermes Watch

It’s not often that the worlds of technology and fashion intersect and yet, this past fashion month has seen countless examples of the two colliding. For instance, during NYFW, Misha Nonoo presented her entire collection on Instagram (with the help of some international influencer friends), while in London and Paris, Burberry and Balmain both took to Snapchat to show off their latest lines. So as fashion month comes to a close, starting today, with easily the most exciting partnership to happen so far this season, you can now own a piece of wearable tech that will bring envy from those who reside in both worlds.



After a successful launch of their Apple Watch in August, Apple has now partnered up with the one and only French luxury goods house, Hermes for their next generation version. Playing off the designer’s iconic styles – the Single Tour, Double Tour, and Cuff – those wanting to possess an elegant watch wrapping around their wrist with modern features finally have their answer. And with pricing starting at $1,100, it’s comparable to the analog versions sans gadgets. Now here’s hoping that Apple’s next endeavor involves a Birkin with a built-in iPad.
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