Art Basel Summary


When Swiss gallerists Ernst Beyeler, Trudi Bruckner and Balz Hilt dreamed up Art Basel in 1970, a cohesive platform for artists and gallerists to gather and showcase talent under one roof, I doubt in their wildest dreams they would image the worldwide pilgrimage the art, music, fashion, and culture world alike would make to Miami Beach for their same vision. But over four decades later it seems everyone with a eye or interest in art and design grabs a jet plane down to see and be seen at the fair and it’s many counterparts.  A warm, sunny getaway during the cold December days, the Miami Beach edition of the fair has been ongoing since 2002 and lends the perfect setting to gather and celebrate innovators, up-and-comers, and masters alike in collaborative events that explore the intersection between creatives and contemporaries.   Each year artists are commissioned to make custom installations, designers create limited edition swag, and pool parties become surprise intimate performances and all-night dance floors.


This year’s highlights include a discussion of Instagram as an artistic medium with the app’s founder alongside art dealer Simon de Pury and MoMA PS1 Director Klaus Biesenbach; an underwater collaborative installation by artists Swoon and Monica Canilao which invited party attendees to don a swimsuit and snorkeling mask to explore their work in the Loews Hotel pool; the opening of a new Buccellati store with designer Lucrezia discussing one of our favorite Milanese jewelry line; and the iconic centerpiece, a reproduction of visionary designer R. Buckminster Fuller’s ‘Fly’s Eye’ Dome.  Art Basel Miami Beach runs through the weekend.


About the Author

Sarah Bertness is the Editorial Manager of social shopping platform, covering the arts, music, fashion and culture from Dallas in her spare time. She has a love for public art, all things vinyl, antiquing, wanderlust, and a good dose of color blocking and print clashing. You can follow her travels and musings on Instagram @sarahbertness.