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To me, one of the best and easiest ways to refresh your living space is with art. The most important aspect of a room is the spirit it conjures and art is a favorite way of mine to imbue a room with mood, color and inspiration while taking you on a spirited adventure.

First tip, you can never be too young to start collecting. In fact, starting out as a young collector is ideal as you can find incredible art – both high and low – in numerous ways and numerous places. For example, there are pieces that I found 20 years ago, a favorite of mine is a painting by Matt Connors, that I still have and cherish by artists that were young and emerging at the time. Remember, just because a piece is not expensive doesn’t mean you won’t have it forever.

Second, there are so many ways to curate your own collection and infuse art throughout your home for soulful and inspiring storytelling. From lithographs and works on canvas to furniture, sculpture, photography and textiles, the expressions are endless, you just need to be willing to take risks and allow art to move from place to place in a room or from room to room regardless of your initial intentions.

Lastly – and most importantly – use your intuition. If something feels good, then it’s right.

Bringing Art Home:

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1. Textile Art – Fabrics, textured wood, tapestry. Varying shapes of furniture, sculpture and art complement one another beautifully. Try some of the options below.

Maison Gerard – Miguel Cisterna – Sheila Hicks Woven Tapestry – Tanya Aguiniga

2. Furniture – Patterned, colored and textural tables, chairs, cabinets act as art pieces and group together with canvases for a color story

Matthew Sullivan – Valis Table

Southern Guild – Dokter & Misses Lala Shwantla

Nina Tolstrup –  Reimagined Collection

3. Repetition – Geometric shapes and patterns take form in sculptures, canvas, photographs and add energy to a space

Douglas Peltzman –

Muriel Grateau –

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 10.34.56 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 10.35.10 PM

4. Tablescapes – An interplay of texture and scale with stone sculpture, framed art, raw canvas and collected objects create an evocative tension of raw and refined

Thaddeus Wolfe – Cast Glass Patterned Reliefs

Patrick Parrish – Cody Hoyt Oblique Vessel

Kelly Wearstler – KW Home Décor

5. Lighting – Sometimes more is more! Play with patterns, colors and geometric shapes to tell a captivating story.

The Future Perfect – Totem I

Kelly Wearstler Lighting – KW Lighting Collection

Apparatus – Triad & Diad

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 10.35.20 PM

6. Statement Piece – Singular large scale art speaks volumes in a paired down space – Donald Martiny Kamsa – Jan Maarten Voskuil Improved Pointless Black – Alan Ebnother August 29, 2012

7. Wall Art – Wallcoverings make for a compelling canvas and unique backdrop for artful vignettes

Fromental –

Kelly Wearstler Wallpaper –


Galleries – Galleries that specialize in young emerging designers are the perfect place to seek out contemporary voices and visions. Favorites include Patrick Parrish and the Ro Gallery in NYC.

Artsy – An incredible source for everything inspiring in art and design today, Artsy brings new emerging artists and designers into the spotlight along with timeless art world stories. It’s a visual feast!

1stDibs – My aesthetic is about mixology and paring the contemporary with vintage. 1stdibs is my go-to for the newest and most distinctive finds. It is a celebration of the world of vintage. Exploring their online store (and Instagram feed) is a virtual trip to the best markets and chic boutiques around the world.

Flea Markets – Inspiration is everywhere! Some of the best art is discovered on city streets. I’ve been known to find a great hidden gem at a flea market and bring it into my studio for creative inspiration. I always go up and down each aisle more than once to be sure I see everything. Every time I’m in Paris I shop the Clingancourt flea market.  Pasadena City College in Los Angeles also hosts a great one for art finds.

Thrift Stores – My aesthetic is very much about playing up the sexy tension between something old and something new. There’s a treasure trove of cool art pieces (and those you can turn into art) just waiting to be discovered at local thrift stores. Every town has one.  Two New York City favorites are Housing Works on 17th Street and St. George Thrift Shop on Gramercy Park.  St. George is loaded with furniture and art.


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