Artist Spotlight:
Julien Marinetti

Some say talent exercised at a young age is a talent that’ll, eventually, lead to work produced at the highest of all standards. So, when we first discovered Pop Art artist Julien Marinetti, there were no surprises that the creative head spent his childhood studying the workshops of other artists and national museums – or that his first still life oil painting was created at the budding age of five.

Julien lasted one day at Beux-Arts (French Academy of Fine Arts) before quitting and going autonomous. Combining his intense hunger to excel in oil painting and skillful tact to produce flawless work, he naturally succeeded. By 2004, Julien decided to rekindle with his old love, sculpture, but little did he know it was this that’d pave his way deeper into the artistic world.

His sculptural masterpiece Doggy John, famously known to many, grew a name for itself. Best described as “a dog standing majestically and contemplating his century and his peers with his piercing eyes”, it’s an intelligent representation of the digital age, where the universe has a longing need to urgently search for new information.

Doggy John soon became a “support surface” to similar art works – which, by the way, are all deliberately made out of solid bronze on 3D canvases’ to “survive the ravages of time” as a “unique testimony today [and] exceptional testimony of our times tomorrow.” Soon came Vanities, a skull, and Popy, a regressive teddy bear. Some say his work is a combination of humour and violence, perhaps even unsettling, but to Julien it’s just a counterpart of his mysterious and curious personality.

Years on from his first masterpiece, Julien now continues to expand his creativity and reach for the unexpected in symbolic ways. His paintings and sculptures are approached in the same way, so much to point where he actually refers to his own sculptures as paintings. Undoubtedly difficult to understand, but ever so fascinating in every aspect too, Julien should be the artist on everyone’s radar.

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