Ballet Beautiful

Have you ever watched Black Swan and wondered how Natalie Portman came to be such a beautiful dancer? Mary Helen is the answer. As one of the most respected ballerinas in the industry, by celebrities and thousands of ballet aficionados across the globe, there’s no wonder why her ingenious online classes, streaming videos and best selling DVDs have proved to be a wondrous hit to women from over 80 countries – just as much as her Ballet Beautiful Activewear.

First inspired by the desire for chic, comfortable, dance inspired clothing to wear during any of her classes, Mary quickly discovered a clever gap in the market for ballet-inspired active wear, specifically tailored to the needs of a stylish modern woman. The collection, similar to her workouts, is neatly tailored to “bring the beauty and athleticism of classical ballet” and features beautiful satin pointe shoes, tutus, mesh-trimmed leotards with necklines cut to perfection and stunning ballet wrap sweaters – all made from the finest leather and satin materials sourced in Italy.

And for those aren’t ready to channel Natalie Portman’s foolproof moves yet, there are knitted jersey legwarmers and seamed tights that’ll look good on the street just as much as they will in the studio thanks to their collaboration with Net-A-Porter (which you can shop in our slideshow above).

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