Beauty How-To: Clip-on Bangs

After such a huge influx of 1970’s style shown on (and off) the runways for both Spring and Fall 2015, one of the biggest beauty trends that was quick to follow was a sultry bang. Unfortunately, some of us are challenged when it comes to making this type of hair commitment as bangs always require extra attention and to get that perfect thick long bang can seem impossible if your hair is fine, you have a cowlick or you just don’t have the time (or energy) to maintain it. The worst of it is, what if you get sick of them sooner than you expected? You then have to wait for them to grow out and that induces an entirely new set of annoyances. Lucky for us, thanks to our king of hair maintenance, Andre Davis, we’re here to share the simple and easy way to not only change up your hair style whenever you feel like it but wear this fun beauty trend effortlessly and perfectly. All it takes is the right clip-on piece and a few simple steps…

1. It’s definitely best (at least for the first time you embark on this fun endeavor) to visit your hair stylist so they can assist in matching your hair color to the proper clip-on piece and so they can style it to frame your face precisely (they’ll first clip on the piece and then trim it and style it according to your request). From there you can take your clip-on piece home and proceed to enjoy it using the following steps.


2. Take the largest comb which is at the center back of the piece and place it to align where you’ve parted your hair to make it look natural and to where you’d like your bangs to lay on your face. Clip this comb into place once you are pleased with where it is situated. From there take the two front comb clips and push them backward to grip your hair and secure the piece by clipping them down.

3. Now that the piece is where you’d like it to lay, take a fine comb to brush the bangs out and style them however you wish. For us, we flat ironed them from back to front to keep them long, clean and simple and so that we could style my hair however we wanted and the bangs would be the star. As you can see we curled the ends for a bouncy finish with the hair down and also did a low slung ponytail which still looks cute and polished thanks to the beautiful bang piece.

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