Beauty How-To: Maintaining Your Summer Glow


In the summerm skin is bright, radiant, tanned and glowing. In the autumn it becomes a lighter shade of winter and easily becomes dull, dry and stressed. Sure there are simple prevention steps like cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating masks and – of course – drink plenty of water however here at Fere & Hasti we recommend the following treatments to really give you a boost!

Oxyjet Facial: using medical grade oxygen to help the skin feel fresh and clear. This facial is toxin free and starts with the revolutionary Oxyclear deep cleanse and blue light exfoliation. A mask is placed over the mouth and nose to breath in oxygen promoting well-being from the inside out. Please note the mask is optional and can be used with scented oils like lavender, grapefruit, lemongrass, Melissa, bergamot depending on your mood or state of mind. In the end it’s a great relaxer and de-stresser.

The Diamond Treatment: This 30 minutes Diamond Treatment involves razor cut diamond microdermabrasion used to deep cleanse and suck out impurities from the pores. Great for dry skin, then a MATIS Eyes & Lips Treatment Mask is placed over the eyes and lips and on the whole face the MATIS Hydrating Mask is placed to give back the lost hydration and moisture. Both products can be brought as part a home care regime.

The Ballancer Compression Therapy:The Ballancer is multi-talented, it offers an effective answer to many body issues. It’s versatile, relaxing and invigorating compression therapy system that has been adapted from the proven principles of manual lymphatic drainage.

MATIS Eye Expert: This new treatment is wonderful for relieving the look of tired eyes and easing tension stress caused around the eyes and forehead.

About the Author

London’s go-to prestigious beauty therapist. Fere is renowned for her bespoke non-invasive facials, tailor made and adapted to the needs of each and every client. She now counts more than 30 years experience and a wealth of beauty knowledge in her endless pursuit for the body beautiful. Fere & Hasti is founded by mother and daughter duo. Hasti Parangi, Fere’s daughter also offers bespoke facials and also practices holistic healing. The two talents make Neville hair and beauty, 5 Pont Street, Belgravia SW1X 9EJ an unrivaled one-stop to wellbeing and younger, brighter, beautiful skin. Follow them on instagram @fereandhasti and check out their website at