Beauty How-To: Shiny Sexy Waves

For this style we decided to go for some waves but to bring out shine for a slightly glossy finish.

First, I started on freshly washed hair and blow dried it with my Mason Pierson paddle brush. From there I formed a sharp middle part and then started to create the waves with my GHD Curve Iron separating her hair in small 1/2 inch sections starting from the bottom and working my way to the top.

To give it that bit of rock and roll look, I made sure to keep the ends of her hair straight rather than waving it along with the rest of the pieces. I also curled the hair in two different directions varying with every section (one would be curled clockwise, the next counterclockwise) all around the head. To finish the look we separated her hair with fingers (no brushing!) and added a dime size of Absolu De Lumiere Franck Provost Confidence Professionnelle along with a spalsh of L’Oreal Professional Paris Hollywood Waves to slightly fix those sexy airy waves and give it the perfect amount of shine!

About the Author

Growing up in his mother's salon he took as her apprentice at just 15 years old and at 18 traveled the world to experiment with different philosophies and techniques to expand his skills and knowledge. However, it was in Paris that he started his career in the fashion industry working on shows for over a decade with Orlando Pita. From there he started to work with high fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, L'official and Glamour. In 2005, he moved to NYC to work with celebrities like Sharon Stone and photographer greats like David Sims and Juergen Teller as well as campaigns with Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Herve Leger, etc. Now based in Paris, he's working with the brand FRANCK PROVOST PARIS creating visuals and hair collections. He also is a consultant for tv shows like The Voice and Dancing with the stars. His only goal in beauty, make women beautiful and sexy but real! Check his work on and on instagram @benjamin_pinon