Beauty Spotlight: Joanna Vargas Red-Light Therapy

Often dubbed as the time machine, the Joanna Vargas extraordinary LED light therapy has revolutionized the beauty industry. Such red and infrared light bed reverses signs of aging, whilst addressing various skincare concerns.

The bed, exclusive to the Joanna Vargas Salon, includes red and infrared light, recognized for anti-inflammatory, collagen boosting and elastin production boosting properties- qualities essential for youthful, radiant and firmer looking skin.

The bed encapsulates the entire body, whilst eliminating cellulite, stretch marks, reducing pores and giving a smoother and more even skin tone, resulting in a unique age reversing experience. The skincare treatment includes microdermabrasion and 98% pure oxygen for the face. The oxygen, infused with a supercharged serum, leaves the face silky smooth, hydrated and radiant. LED’s activate the skin’s natural rejuvenation process for such smooth, even complexion.

The LED light therapy actually increases cell regeneration up to five times faster than normal, whilst stimulating the production of fuel that powers life at a cellular level. When can one witness results? Almost immediately! The effects are quickly evident, as the therapy takes years off your skin, reversing signs of aging.

Joanna Vargas inaugurated her Bryant Park location in 2006, and has swiftly since become a destination for celebrities, editors and industry admirers. With an impressive list of clients, spanning from Emma Roberts to Naomi Watts to Julianne Moore, and the many in between, it is further evident why Vargas has achieved such success- simply put, Vargas practices what she preaches and her practices are revolutionary.

See some of our favorite red-light therapy masks in the slideshow above which you can treat yourself to, right from the comfort of your very own couch

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