Behind the Scenes: Cartier’s Jewels for Grace of Monaco

If you’re a royal family or movie fanatic, there are a couple of things we feel you’re obliged to know about the new Grace of Monaco film: 1) it’s going to be huge, and 2) it’ll be opening the 67th Cannes Film Festival on May 14 this year. So, whether it pulls all stops and wins several awards or not, it’s guaranteed that your list of favorite actors and actresses will have watched it before you.

But while that’s all dandy and great news for the French director, Olivier Dahan and the leading lady who will play Princess Grace, Nicole Kidman, we’ve just heard news on something that has us screeching in even more excitement: Cartier – yes, that jewelry brand – will be featured throughout the movie. We’ve added the snaps in the gallery above this article to (attempt to) justify how precious and stunning the pieces are but we still can’t peel our eyes away from it…

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