BMW International Eckart Awards

The BMW Group and ECKART Academy honors and recognizes pioneers of responsible cuisine. Named after chef Eckart Witzigmann, the award acknowledges visionaries. In presenting the 2018 Eckart Witzigmann Award, guests from internationally renowned gastronomy, culture and business celebrated at Spring Studios, Manhattan. With a belief that diversity in all of its welcomed facets is the key to new ideas and innovative, sustainable concepts, the BMW Group proudly supports such an award, with an assumption of social responsibility and an initiation to lasting change.

The Eckart, in its simplest form, is a token of gratitude to the chefs and restaurateurs who transcend their vision beyond delectable creations, rather set a global precedent with their visions. In recognizing outstanding achievements in responsible and sustainable cuisine and healthy nutrition, Eckart in cooperation with the BMW Group, is awarded for the seventh time. Donations will be made by the BMW Group to a social or sustainable project on behalf of each of the award recipients.

This year’s spotlight of awareness was focused on culinary achievements on American continents. As an ode to the famous New York markets, The Farmers Market was present on the terrace of Spring Studios, as local, original specialties were presented. The recipient of the 2017 Eckart Award for Creative Responsibility moderated the evening. Sequentially, top chefs Daniel Boulud, Anna Bolz, Suzanne Cupp and Günter Seeger invited guests to a first-class dinner, in which each course was cooked by a different chef.

The culinary figures being acknowledged possess a greater sense of responsibility, combining enjoyment with sustainability at all levels. With Eckart and BMW leading the way, it is now possible to honor such a commitment, motivating like creative minds to follow suit.

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