Bookmarc by Marc Jacobs

– By Elizabeth Brockway – 

Marc Jacobs at Bookmarc with Carine Roitfeld

When you think of Marc Jacobs, many things may come to mind—his name sake label, the diffusion line Marc by Marc Jacobs, and his children’s line Little Marc Jacobs, etc.—but there is something new to be added to that list: Bookmarc.  Opened just over a year ago, the store is the newest staple in the ever-expanding chain of Jacobs’ stores popping up in the West Village.  I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, but I can happily say, Bookmarc may be my new favorite store.

The punny-named shop is home to the type of books you would want to see in a Marc Jacobs library.  It may go against what you were taught in grade school, but the covers of these books are made to be judged. From beautifully illustrated and embroidered covers of literary classics baring names like Austen and Dickens, to books documenting the lives of punk and rock n’ roll gods, to glossy photography books filling the shelves, every inch of Bookmarc holds something begging to be brought home.  The collection boasts rare gems that are almost impossible to find like Kate Moss by Mario Testino and Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue (both fixtures on my Christmas list).

Interior of Bookmarc

The written word is not the only thing to be found inside the store; Marc Jacobs accessories are scattered around (iPhone covers, backpacks, bracelets, pencils…) with Olympia Le-Tan book-inspired clutches placed behind the register.  Bookmarc is a breathe of fresh air.  The small, yet beautifully decorated interior holds an endless amount of art and literary gems; classic punk and rock play on the speakers with video streaming on a flat-screen hidden in the corner.

This quaint corner location is an ideal spot in Greenwich Village in NYC for Marc Jacobs' Bookmarc

Even with a constant buzz of patrons browsing the selections, I still spent an hour in the store.  When Marc’s spell is finally broken,  the store’s position on Bleecker and 11th Street leaves you with an array of stores begging to be shopped, and a certain little bakery across the street offering cupcakes in desperate need of eating. Bookmarc is a highlight in the Village, someplace in which I know I will be spending many afternoons, and a place I encourage everyone to explore.

Bookmarc is located at 400 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10014.
Open every day noon – 8pm

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