Boutique Spotlight: Bene Rialto

Bene Rialto, directly translated, is Italian for Good Marketplace or Exchange and has become one of New York’s fashion retail incubator’s, residing in NYC’s garment district. Home to a plethora of emerging designers in fashion, home and art, this multi-faceted townhouse is no ordinary retail space. Upon entering the stunning five-story concept you’re provided a marketplace that holds no bound. Bene Rialto takes pride in exposing the consumer to a range of global, under-the-radar labels (some of our favorites include RTW label, All Comes From Nothing, Teddy Stratford, and an indulgent fine jewelry collection by Jewelista); from womenswear, menswear and accessories, to gifts, footwear, food and fine jewelry, there’s even a calendar of retail events to take part in like painting classes (with a side of wine) or chocolate tastings while taking in a live performance of an a cappella group – it really is a treasure trove of discovery for your next favorite artist.

In the midst of all the labels of love (and the outstanding views of the The Empire State Building), Bene Rialto also offers designers and creatives a chance to work on projects thanks to their collective work-space floors. Acting as a true incubator and enabler, the brand also provides educational classes and programs to help small fashion businesses grow their dreams, beyond their 9-5. 

Working in fashion, as in any other energetic industry, there are times where you need to switch off and reboot, which is why, above all else, our favorite aspect of Bene Rialto is its belief in a #benelife which is translated through the townhouse. From the products you can purchase, people you can engage with, to literally, the writing on the wall, the brand truly lives by the notion that all dreams can come true if you strive for a well-balanced life.

With a sole goal to create an inspiring fashion community, Bene Rialto is not only a one-stop haven for all fashion enthusiasts, but a revolutionary concept where consumers are constantly discovering, and dreamers are always dreaming. – 13 West 38th Street, New York, NY 10018.


About the Author

Sabi Datoo-Lalji is a British Fashion Editor and Consultant living in Chelsea, NYC. When she isn't dreaming about Valentino Rock Studs, Sabi can be found practicing yoga and finding zen-like havens for her blog ( Follow her whimsicle footprint on Twitter & Instagram @sabidatoolalji