Boutique Spotlight: Colette Consignment

Tisha Collette worked 14 years to become an overnight success.  Her eponymous chain of consignment stores,  Collette Consignment, can be found in Sag Harbor on Main Street, with three in Southampton (two on Main Street & one on Hampton Rd. ), and in Manhattan (on Madison Avenue).  While, by definition, no two vintage stores are the same, it is immediately apparent upon arrival at any one of the Collette stores, that you’re entering into a realm of impeccable taste in every sense of the word.  Consignment stores are about discovery, but discovery requires time, and most consignment stores can give you a different type of feeling from the moment you step inside their musty midsts.  Now, just because the products are second hand, doesn’t mean that the experience should be.  Collette is not your grandmother’s consignment shop.  The shopping experience is just like that of a luxury retailer (which is probably why those in the know refer to it as the ‘Bergdorfs’ of consignment stores).  The space is inviting, the merchandising is sensible, and the staff well versed.  And then there are the clothes and accessories. I mean… honestly… who in their right mind was willing to part with that Halston dress that would look AMAZING with that Hermes “Birkin” bag and a smattering of Coco Chanel jewelry, n’est pas?  It’s no wonder that, to the regulars who have been treating Collette like a state secret for so many years, the consignment chain’s newfound popularity is somewhat bittersweet.  Sorry ladies, but Collette is ready for its close up!


Photo Credit (1-10): Jason Nower of Colette Consignment

Photo Credit (11): The Beaux Arts Consultancy

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