Boutique Spotlight: Five Story

Tired of the overcrowded department stores who usually never have your size? Even worse, tired of seeing the same collection pieces you’ve now seen in the last five other department stores?   Always see some exclusive pieces on someone but when you look around the stores or online you are not able to locate the item?  Your shopping woes have been heard and completely ratified through a forward thinking young woman by the name of Claire Distenfeld.   Her answer to the department store woes is a beautiful townhouse boutique nestled on the Upper East Side of Manhattan aptly titled Five Story.   Choosing to decorate the boutique with townhouse décor and based on the fact the boutique is an actual townhouse, seems the decorative decision was a great choice.


Upon entering the feverishly chic boutique you are greeted with a mixture of recognizable collections with exclusive finds from new designers who are making impacts with cult followings.   The visual presentation of each brand is beautifully mixed with another to give the lucky shopper a chance to appreciate the overall aesthetic of how there is beauty in exclusivity and the mixing of collections.   This ingenious idea of creating an intimate and cozy setting for which each guest can discover rare-found items from their favorite designers to discovering the brilliance in the creativity of new brands lead to a cult following for the boutique.   Still maintaining its exclusive feel without the threat of oversaturation is one of the greatest qualities of this boutique.  One can find collections Claire discovers first hand through her travels, such as an influx of Japanese brands she loved during her trip to Tokyo.  In today’s society where there is more of an outcry from the consumer to express their individuality through clothing and style, Five Story is the answer to that craving of unique self-expression.  Well done Claire, well done.

About the Author

Chris Collie is a thirteen year Fashion/Beauty PR & MKTG Specialist, writer, editor, buyer and style influencer. You can follow Chris Collie’s fashion aesthetic through his Instagram or Twitter @FashionsGuyNY