Braid Styles to Last You All Summer Long

Braids are here to stay and you can wear them to any event. From the red carpet to casual daywear you see them everywhere you turn so here are three more styles you can wear all Summer long.

Goddess Braid


Have a comb handy, no need for a brush, these braids are meant to be not perfect.

1. Section the front of the hair from the end of the eyebrows and section back into hair about 4′ take that section and and comb over to the side,pin and push up like a pompadour leave ends out

2. Comb over to desired side and take the end of your sectioned pompadour, and start to braid, all the way down the side of your head, as seen in the picture you can braid all the way down, or put a band on it and leave your hair out for cascading sexy look.
Mohawk Braid
as described in number one section off your pompadour instead of sweeping front section to side, you are directing it back away from your face
4- start braiding from the middle of top and start braiding all the way down
with the option to braid all the way down, or leave loose.
after braiding these styles you can fan out the braids to make then bigger!
The Crown Braid:
Section hair from in back of your across the top of your head to the other ear
start braiding from one side of your head to the next, continue to braid all around your head, until you are completely braided, should be in a circular fashion, take the rest of the braid wrap around your finger and pin the rest of the braid in the middle of the circle of the braid and pin.
Don’t forget to fan out the braids to make it more pronounced and have fun this summer with your elegant star power braids!

About the Author

Andre is a celebrity hairstylist at Julien Farel in New York City.