Brand Spotlight: Daniela Vezza

Daniela Vezza, originally from Verona, Italy, began her career as a jewelry designer before leading headfirst, with energy and creativity, into fashion. The result of such, leads to an experience poised as an increasingly closer approach to an innovative and avant-garde aesthetic. Daniela Vezza appeals to the sophistication of a woman, without straying from the convenience of a garment itself. Made in Italy, a true essence of the Daniela Vezza Couture line. Cashmere, needled wools and fine silks compliment the exclusively luxurious collection.

Since the start of her brand, the one thread that has always run through all of her collections (other than the already stated quality and luxurious materials) is her injection of fun and whimsy into her pieces. For example, an off-white gilet that’s business in the front but a party in the back thanks to a mink pink flamingo with 3D feather detailing. Or a knee-length coat with an intarsia of poppy flowers and stems that stretch from the hem up to the chest dotted with hearts or a simple winky face on the back. And let’s not forget her super fun oversized sunglasses that are rimmed with matching animal printed fabric. It’s these touches that allow her pieces to catch the eye and provide something new to what otherwise would just be another standard silhouette to pass on by.

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