Bringing Men’s Skincare Forward

Did you know that the men’s grooming market has a speedy 8% growth rate every year? Just goes to show that men are finally jumping on the skincare band wagon. And although you may think you can share your booming beauty cabinet with your man, the difference between our skin and theirs is drastic (higher testosterone, larger pores, prone to impurities, etc) which is why it’s important for men to get products made just for them. Here are some great products and tips that we must recommend for any man looking to get a leg-up on their skin regimen!


Male grooming for home; MATIS Reponse Homme includes – Eyes Reviving Gel, Daily Exfoliating Face Gel, Global Anti-Ageing Active Cream. The key formula being Centella Asiatica this extract has numerous benefits that are perfectly adapted to men’s skin it has a soothing, anti-inflammatory action, activation of microcirculation, repair and cellular regeneration, restructuring; stimulation of the synthesis of collagen fibers.

Newly launched by LPG is an Intense Smoothing Hydrating Serum, which is an ideal anti-ageing serum to help boost moisture, give an instant smoothing effect and to replenish fine lines and wrinkles. To be applied morning and evening to cleaned face and neck. Total Eye Care assists in reducing puffiness and dark circles as well as wrinkles to be applied morning and evening around the eye with a smooth outward motion.

Jean D’Estrees launches the hipster men’s beard care that will leave you shiny soft and fresh full scented…perfect. The latest trend and professional products by TNT called B.Beard from Italy that consist of a Fluid Beard which is a light fluid containing Argan oil which will leave your beard exceptionally soft, shiny, scented and tidy. The properties of Argan protect from pollution and sun exposure, keeping the beard healthy, full and supple.

Shampoo Beard is a softening shampoo for the beard contains Aloe Barbadensis. It has energising and moisturising properties that make the beard exceptionally fresh, strong and soft. B.Beard cleanses gently, preventing itch and irritation. Conditioner Beard great for beards and moustache with detangling, shine enhancing and refreshing action. The Aloe Barbadensis formula invigorates and moisturise, resulting in stimulating the growth of a full, healthy and soft beard.

Lastly, never underestimate a great facial. Fere & Hasti facials aren’t designed with your gender in mind it’s designed with your skin needs in mind. Whether it’s for oily, dry, sensitive, or for a combination type skin. A deep cleanse facial will clean bumps and soothe irritated skin, included our facials are / can be a combination of steam, exfoliation, extraction, high frequency, masks, moisturizers, serums, possibly a microdermabrasion, galvanic, and/ or ultrasound brush. Key being to energize, protect, stimulate, balance and moisturize your skin.

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