Celine’s Parisian Maison

After the renovation of the 17th-century Hotel Colbert de Torcy, creative director Phoebe Philo and CEO Marco Gobbetti of Celine have created a Parisian maison for the leading-edge fashion and accessories brand. The newly restored hotel particulier at 16 rue Vivienne is now a revived and solid foundation to house the many offices of Celine under one roof. Although the building had great bones from its original neoclassical design, the structure required much renovation to achieve a strong presence and functional arrangement that Phoebe and Marco had in mind for the house.

Today the house shows an integration of materials such as the original stone and antique moldings, glass, steel and lacquer. The white plastered walls used throughout the interior allow the elements within the space to stand out on their own with no conflictions. Multicolored marble flooring (also used in New York’s Soho and London’s Mount street stores) brings a luxurious element to the space while tying in the other furnishings throughout the rooms.

It’s possible the architects found inspiration from the brand’s own design and from iconic architecture of the past. Celine’s unique shapes in handbags and accessories acts as inspiration for the curves and angular forms found in the entry hall ceiling and amongst various side tables and other furnishings. There is an overall sense of serenity from the open floor plan, the light colored neutral palette and the smoothed stone surfaces. The spaces throughout the house are punctuated with delicate black accents, such as the rod iron railing and the small-scaled marble diamond pattern in the entry. At the base of the staircase stands a fiddle leaf tree…a natural element that is always seen in Celine’s stores. Walking thru the space, the atrium-like workroom can remind us of Joseph Paxton’s Crystal Palace with its monolithic glass and metal roof. Throughout the showroom the newest collections hang on intersecting steel rods to give the affect that the clothes are floating.

Combining the standing structure and original materials with contemporary ideas, they were able to create something unique. Gobbetti told the magazine that the hotel “is a beautiful historical container that stands on its own, but on the inside we wanted to innovate and do something different”. With these ideas perfected the space today imitates the fashions of Celine from the brand’s simple and clean aesthetic.

About the Author

Garrett Carter is currently a student at the New York School of Interior Design, where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design. Garrett’s intention to design always is to create eclectic rooms and interiors that are stylish, comfortable, answer the needs of their occupants, and remain relevant. Garrett continues with his studies in New York, while also working in the design industry. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter @garrettcarterdesigns