Chanel Spring 2015 Haute Couture

We all have our own visions of paradise. But Karl Lagerfeld’s is surely one of the best. As the lights went up, the custom-built set was blooming with paper leaves and artificial flowers. 300 to be exact, that took six months to make. But they were just an appetiser for what was to come.

Embroidery, feathers, all the things that embody lightness, sophistication, modernity. Every look that made the walk felt fresh, especially the Chanel suit, consisting of a cropped jacket and low-hanging midi skirt, slung in the casual-chic way that most of us can only dream of pulling off. Collars and cuffs were embellished, some skirts were enveloped in flowers completely, the signature tweed gently frayed.

But, as with the on-going Chanel reinvention, it wasn’t fluffy or soft. The pastel pinks, the flowers; they were all there. But so were the oversized Edwardian hats, the exposed midriffs and the unexpected beanies with their mesh additions. There was an edge, a slickness that crept in, from the flexible skirt suits with their structural curiosity, the wide brimmed sunhat wrapped in black organza to the red lipstick and flat, black, calf-length sock-boots.

To close the show, Lagerfeld selected a bride. But, while her attire was beautiful, the ruffled hat in particular, the real treat were the male bridesmaids, dressed in beige ‘vacation-clothes’, carrying huge exotic bouquets.

“One morning in bed, I saw it in a second,” Lagerfeld said of the show’s vision. Once the bridesmaids had exited, the show came to an end. But this is one dream we don’t think we’ll forget any time soon.

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