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Most people, especially women, tend to want to shy away from celebrating big birthday’s (you know, the big 4-0, 5-0, etc.) And while stunning supermodel Cindy Crawford typically has always preferred a private dinner amongst friends (or to skip the day altogether) when it comes to her birthday, this time around she has decided to highlight her 50th with her book, Becoming, which is ultimately a celebration of her career and life as one of the most profound faces and body’s to ever grace both the modeling and fashion industry. ‘Writing this book for my fiftieth birthday is perhaps the best gift I could have given myself. When you look back on your life you really do appreciate the journey that you’ve taken and so it just felt like the perfect time to do it’ – Cindy Crawford.


It was over lunch two and a half years ago when she and her team came up with the idea of doing a book that revolved around 50 iconic images (although the book resulted in more like 150 images) and marry them with 50 essays / lessons, learned along the way. ‘Hopefully the lessons are universal and even though I learned mine through my life as a model, things like ‘say no’ and ‘taking risk’, those are lessons that any one can benefit from.’ 


The book truly does give us a transparent inside look into her life and the evolution of lessons that helped to make the bombshell brunette who she is today.  From her humble beginnings shucking corn in DeKalb, Illinois, to images with some of photography’s greats (Victor Sarebneski, Helmet Newton, Patrick Demarchelier, Steven Meisel, etc.), her work with other iconic supermodels (Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell), thoughts on taking risks like posing for Playboy and venturing into acting with MTV’s House of Style and finally turning to family, motherhood and stepping out from in front of the lens.



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