Olivia Palermo x Chelsea 28 for Nordstrom

Even though we leaked a little behind-the-scenes sneak peek back in October, we’re so excited to finally show off the seven stunning lookbook images that go hand-in-hand with our final countdown for the launch of Olivia’s design collaboration with Nordstrom’s in-house brand, Chelsea 28.

“The ‘Olivia Palermo + Chelsea28’ collection reflects how a stylish young woman is dressing today,” said Mark Tritton, President of Nordstrom Product Group. “Olivia Palermo is revered around the globe for her style. We know our customers look to her for fashion inspiration, and we saw her consistently on our inspiration boards as well. We think she embodies the Chelsea28 brand perfectly, so it was a very natural choice.”

Launching on February 8th, the 32-piece Spring 2016 collection is a seamless combination of Olivia’s signature chic and modern-feminine aesthetic all while keeping in mind a full RTW assortment rooted in American sportswear. Fortunately for everyone, not only is there plenty to choose from, like cropped wide-legged denim culottes and a boho-inspired paisley dress as well as the perfect day-to-night camel suede trench dress and a Parisian inspired pin-striped twin set, but with a price point starting at just $68 there are endless opportunities for you to utilize this staples-filled wardrobe to showoff your personal style for seasons to come.



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