Collection Spotlight: Dennis Basso Pre-Fall 2015

Dennis Basso was clearly having fun with his Pre-Fall 2015 collection as he brought his uptown girl for a trip below 14th street in only a way he could demonstrate. For example, he reinterpreted what “patchwork” could be. Rather than squares of fabric half-hazardly sewn together – in his world it showed in sable vests intertwined with alpaca to create the checked pattern. Other downtown staples like the beanie and cross-body bag were developed from mink and sable while a crop top twin set was shown in pebbled tweed with heavily adorned hems full of embroidery and embellishments.

There was a heavy influx of mixed medias – particularly with tweed – within each ensemble which provided a breath of youthfulness throughout the easy-to-wear silhouettes allowing for the usually ultra-decadent brand with a focus on evening-wear to appeal to a much broader audience this time around. The palette remained autumn friendly with a strong emphasis on taupe, olive green, grey, rose and cranberry which was only emphasized by fabrics like bias cut velvet, bonded shearling and camel-hair accented suede. Other than the always stunning luxury coats, cocktail friendly options were abundant and as we have pre-emptively decided that Basso’s designs will transition seamlessly into both Fall and the holiday season we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us come NYFW in February.

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