Collection Spotlight: Manolo Blahnik Spring 2015

When you’re as much of an industry leader and established designer as Manolo Blahnik is, sometimes in one collection, the influences and inspirations are so strong that choosing only one to focus on just doesn’t cut it.  So, what do you do? You steer in the direction that only such an expert as Mr. Blahnik could go in and use not one, not two but six (Sicily, Seville Fair, North Africa , Moorish Architecture, Jewels and finally Austrian architect, Josef Hoffman) to create a cohesive yet standout collection for Spring 2015.

While the collection was broken down – focusing certain fabrics, trims, details and shapes to reflect these individual inspirations – there were aspects that remained consistant throughout, providing perfect cohesion.
Fun and vivacious – celebratory even – with vibrant colors and shapes (as seen in Moorish architecture) flourished throughout his designs as they mingled with the flair of the flamenco dancers from the Seville Fair mixing seamlessly with the corals of Sicily all paired with precious stones that Mr. Blahnik favors so often. “There is nothing more stunning than a unique accessory on a shoe’ says Manolo, ‘it’s jewelry for the feet.”

With flowing lines and a vivid palette, Manolo Blahnik’s SS15 collection is certainly not meant for those wishing to go unnoticed but instead pulling each of us out of our shells to experiment with having the most fun that life can offer.

About the Author

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