Coral for Summer

Lets talk about a material that provides both vivacious color and along with interesting texture. We’re of course talking about coral. Coral is always a unique choice for both fashion and décor as you can take advantage of the large variety of hues and tones of this natural organism and in fact provides the perfect opportunity to toss in unique components to any outfit or within the interiors of your home.

Throw on the perfect heels on a warm night this season, like these coral inspired heels from Manolo Blahnik or create a bold powder bath by surfacing it with these antique marble tiles from Chateau Domingue. For fashion, contrast these rustic touches of different compositions for instance – with clean denim and a white blouse. For the home, in order to bring balance to the coarseness of these coral accessories and textiles, clean and contemporary is the way to go like a 19th Century French butchers table with white plastered walls. Bonding these statement pieces with simple compliments means everything will work together and look refined without being too restrained.

Shop our favorite corals pieces in the slideshow above to spruce up your wardrobe and your home this season!

About the Author

Garrett Carter is currently a student at the New York School of Interior Design, where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design. Garrett’s intention to design always is to create eclectic rooms and interiors that are stylish, comfortable, answer the needs of their occupants, and remain relevant. Garrett continues with his studies in New York, while also working in the design industry. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter @garrettcarterdesigns