Custom Everything w/ CONSORTIUM Pop-Up

If there’s one thing that’s undeniable, it’s that customization is rapidly becoming a priority from consumers, and there for, a more prominent part of brands and designers’ businesses and marketing strategies. In fact, it seems that more often than not, companies are providing customers the ability to experience and create, one-of-a-kind pieces (whether it be RTW, accessories, home or otherwise), in order to experiment with their creativity, align the end result with their personal needs and naturally, to differentiate their taste from anyone else.

One company that solely practices this mentality is CONSORTIUM. Founded by Sam Payrovi, it’s the first specialized retailer for customizable fashion brands to call home. Currently offering nine brands (and growing), they’ve worked tirelessly to provide a variety of bespoke options (allowing you to select everything from leather, denim and hardware colors to scent profiles for your own perfume) to fill your home and closet. And now, the e-commerce platform has come to life with it’s first pop-up shop at 60 Grand street in NYC with plans to roll out 15 permanent brick-and-mortar locations worldwide to support this ever expanding need.

“At heart, we’re all designers. We see products and wish they were available in a different color, size, or just had that extra pocket we need. In the corners of the fashion world lie brands that allow us to make those changes and customize our world.” – Sam Payrovi

The pop-up in New York will feature one-stop shopping for customizable brands and a guided design experience integrating technology via oversized touchscreens throughout the loft-like space. The high touch customer service includes personal stylists to guide clients through their design journey in store.

Open until August 31st, the pop-up will then move on to open up within 12 cities this year. In addition to New York City, the brand plans to bring the custom design experience to cities such as Washington, DC (October 2018), Atlanta (November 2018), Miami (December 2018), Hawaii (January/February 2019), Tokyo (March/April 2019), Los Angeles (May/June 2019) and more.

Find out more about CONSORTIUM and all of the amazing customizable brands they’re currently working with at!

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