De-Puff From Celebrating

As much fun as celebrating the holidays can be, with all of that over-indulging, they can take a nasty toll on our skin and body. Fortunately, beauty expert, Daniel Martin is here to help suggesting a magical trick that can help you face the world looking as well-rested and healthy as the day before Thanksgiving.

“For a long time I was apprehensive to use any type of face “massager”. I thought they were gimmicky and didn’t show any real results… until I tried these! I mostly use them for early morning call times when everyone is at their puffiest. These help with lymphatic drainage, de-puffing swollen under eyes moving fluid out of the face. Both Jessica Alba and Olivia love the Tatcha Akari Gold massager…”


I keep this on ice and after 5 minutes, this magic wand will calm down and de-puff swollen eyes. It can also be used warm (in hot water) for a relaxing massage in the dead of winter.
This is great for lymphatic drainage all over the face and under the chin.
Using Alternating T-Sonic (TM) Technology, this pulsating eye massager not only reduces under eye bags but it also reduces fine lines and crows feet around the eyes over time. Can be used with any eye cream and is antibacterial and ophthalmologist approved.

About the Author

Daniel Martin is a Dior Brand Ambassador and the Creative Color Consultant for Honest Beauty. He splits his time between New York, Paris and Los Angeles. Follow him on Instagram @DanielMartin and Twitter @danielmartinnyc