Decor Must Have: Lucid Liquid Candles

Candles are a cinch when it comes to a hostess gift. So many brands make them – whether they create full home collections or not – but, some are so beautiful looking or smell so lovely that you almost never want to actually light them in order to have them for as long as possible (never mind the waxy mess). Fortunately, with Lucid Liquid Candles, there’s a solution to all of these problems. These beauties look and feel like real wax candles but in fact are made of polymer (which never burns down) and the body holds liquid paraffin (which is refillable) burning via a fiberglass wick allowing for clean, natural candlelight. There are even fragrance stones that can be placed at the top of the pillars (and are also interchangeable) so when the heat from the paraffin hits it, they can fill a room with the scent of your choice. They come in dozens of custom designed styles (our favorites being the animal kingdom collection as shown above) but fortunately, you can’t go wrong when you’re selecting something that will last you as long as you wish.

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