Delvaux FW15

Delvaux has always been a favorite of ours here at and with their stunning Fall 2015 collection it’s easy not to be shy about showing off our favoritism for the oldest fine leather luxury house in the world.

For their latest collection, Delvaux concentrated on taking their tried and true designs and reinventing them using contrasting materials, clean cut angles and graphic lines often found in the world of modern and contemporary Belgian architecture. In fact, the brand has notably worked with architects for decades, revolutionizing the brand over and over again including when they worked with Paul Goethals in 1958 when he designed the now staple piece found in the Delvaux brand, “Le Brilliant” bag. It’s easy to see that continuing this tradition was an obvious notion to pursue.

The result? Handbags and accessories that are superiorly vibrant and luxurious thanks mainly in part to the exceptionally refined skins like alligator, ostrich, astrakan, smooth python, velvet calf and galuchat, that were mixed and matched creating contrasting depth and interesting texture within every single piece, many with a high-gloss finish.

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