Designers To Watch: AS29

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We kid you not when we say that we’ve truly found a one-of-a-kind jewelry line – one that promises to “cure your diamond envy” while acting as a healing medicine, all going by the name AS29.

Founded by a fourth-generation Belgian diamond dealer, Audrey Savransky, in 2008 after giving birth to her first son in Hong Kong, the brand – which has been leaping to success ever since – now boasts a myriad of contemporary, delicate and dreamy collections, with the aim to “democratize diamonds for women.”

Using the same techniques that are applied to chemical compounds too, many pieces are accompanied with pillboxes and dosage instructions when purchased. As for the contradiction? Expect “incredible amounts of jealousy from all non-users”, stated by the masterminded geniuses behind the line.

So while we’re still struggling to select our favorites (purely because we’re spoilt from the glitzy and dazzling offerings), we can definitely agree that there’s something to tempt all jewelry fanatics – whether that’s the Pave Flower necklace, Ocean 3 Finger Ring, or perhaps a few picks from the awe-inspiring Classic Collection.

And in the words of Audrey herself: “Today’s woman is more than capable of looking after her own wellbeing and we all know that diamonds are an essential part of any balanced lifestyle.” Oh, how we couldn’t agree more…

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