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– By Teresa Greenfeld –


Many designers, when asked who the woman is they design for, can paint a vivid and intricate picture of her; her lifestyle, her dreams -even delving deep into the confines of her psyche. Season after season, the collection grows and evolves as she does.

The ASTIER woman, according to creative director Jackie Astier, is defined by her complexities and contradictions; she is imperfectly perfect, at times bold – at others, demure. Never one to reveal her hand, her mystery, enticing and undefinable, lay in the details – the curve of her lips, the look in her eyes.

Jackie Astier PresentationLeft: The ASTIER launch at Lehmann Maupin Gallery, with a video by Jordon Doner. Right: Images of ASTIER’s Fall 2013 collection at Lehmann Maupin Gallery.

Launched just last week at New York’s Lehmann Maupin Gallery, ASTIER is the culmination of Astier’s years as a stylist, editor and fashion director at an impressive roster of publications: British VogueWAvenue, and most recently, The Untitled Magazine, a bi-annual fashion and culture book, where Astier is Fashion Director.

The Fall 2013 debut collection, inspired by the metallic, golden luster and imperfect diamond shapes and texture of crystalline pyrite, consists of rich fabrics (cashmere wools, mega duchess satins and neoprene are combined with lacquered voile plissé), surprising details (leather piping and diamond-shaped lacquer inlay, comprised of lacquered wools, lace and brass jacquards), and feminine-meets-urban-chic silhouettes (thigh-grazing hemlines, cinched waists and blazers with just the right amount of drape).


ASTIER F:W13Top and bottom: A few of our favorites from Fall 2013. 

Tailored and exquisitely crafted, ASTIER – and the evolution of the ASTIER woman – promises to be one to watch for a long time to come.

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