Designers To Watch: Aurelie Bidermann

In her world of curiousness and contemplative dreams filled with travel tales of fantastical riches, Aurelie Bidermann creates jewelry that carries a certain meaning and emotion with it. Inspired by her parents’ artistic community, this cosmopolitan Parisian girl began her obsession with jewels at a very young age, filling her drawing book with striking illustrations of charms, trinkets, and gems.

Today, she is the head of an eponymous label with an eclectic mix of bohemian and rock ‘n’ roll edge – think cord bracelets with quirky mother-of-pearl charm. Symbolism holds a major role in all her work, and the reference point behind each piece is not only thoughtful, but brilliantly interpreted. Trained in gemology and with a Masters in art history, Bidermann is renowned for her exquisite craftsmanship. To create her now legendary Demeter Gold Wheat necklace, she dried out wheat, treated it in an undisclosed formula, and then dipped it in 18-K gold. Working this way allows rings, necklaces, and bracelets to retain the kernels’ intricate, wispy details. “Plus, I love the idea that you’re wearing something real,” she explains.
Her perhaps most talked about piece is the Big Apple Keeper earring, consisting of textured gold apple core detailed with central band of round-cut champagne diamonds in pear-shaped bezel settings, a polished gold stem with white diamond-accented wire back, and a ruby-encrusted skin. The left and right earrings are sold separately, and Beyonce has been photographed wearing the piece.

A rather lengthy list of the in-vogue crowd adores Bidermann’s jewelry for its vivid assimilations of nature’s richness and historical design references. She continues to incorporate natural motifs in all her work, but adds rustic touches, such as raffia, to bring luxury jewellery a laid-back edge. And it is precisely this juxtaposition of opposites that makes her designs so inimitable, and vastly desired.

Big Apple Keeper Earring
Ladybird Ring
Wheat Necklace
Miki Dora Bracelet
Cashmere Ring
Chivor Necklace

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