Designers to Watch: Delfina Delettrez

Have you ever wondered who will be the designer to push the envelope with their collection or when will they add some new creativity and a different aspect to the fashion world? Well look and wonder no further, Delfina Delettrez has arrived as the answer. The artisan and master of organic materials and precious stones has successfully achieved the balance of delicate elegance and edgy creativity through her plethora of accessories including necklaces, earrings, rings, cufflinks, bracelets and brooches. With each piece holding significant meaning and reflection that refers back to her childhood and adolescence as well as her determined spirit and creative mind, the consumer can rest assured, they are not purchasing “cookie cutter” accessories.

To truly understand the genius behind Delfina, you must delve into where she draws inspiration. Drawings from Leonardo de Vinci, books of anatomist of the XVIth century, Andreas van Vessel and Tim Burton have all combined to inspire her love of the human body and thus comes across in her work. One look at her cufflink collection gives way to her love of the human form and the physical interaction of humans by each cufflink representing a part of the human anatomy or two people having intercourse. Daring, that’s an understatement! However, instead of the cufflinks appearing vulgar, they take on a delicate expression of human attraction and the beauty of the body. Another one of her collections gives an indication of her unique thought and creativity process, the rings. Imploring shapes such as box mazes as well as insects transitioning into more traditional precious stone designs, Delfina allows for a broad consumer base due to her coverage of multiple styles.

A fourth generation Fendi (through her mother, grandmother and great grandmother), Delfina Delettrez chose not to rely on her family name which is one of the most recognizable within fashion, she chose to stand on her own two feet and focus on her craft. Though she has combined with Fendi for her S/S ’14 collection, it was done because the synergy was correct more than necessity of attention. We here at appreciate young creativity mixed with an appreciation of fashion’s prestigious history and both ring true through Delfina Delettrez and her collections.

About the Author

Chris Collie is a thirteen year Fashion/Beauty PR & MKTG Specialist, writer, editor, buyer and style influencer. You can follow Chris Collie’s fashion aesthetic through his Instagram or Twitter @FashionsGuyNY