Lines We Love: Manuel Facchini

Manuel Facchini can be described as many things; cosmopolitan, talented, worldly and even a thrill-seeker. However, the one thing he will go down in history for is being a visionary. His designs are works of art and often draw inspirations from antithesis objects, which in turn create unique and eclectic ready-to-wear. Born in Verona, Manuel Facchini studied at Central Saint Martin’s in London, after which he went on to hold many a prestigious post at exclusive design houses such as Fendi, and Byblos.

The fashion glitterati offered Manuel Facchini a standing ovation during his first presentation of this namesake label in 2015 at London Fashion Week. He showcased a collection which breathed notes of his experience past and his new vision for ready-to-wear.

The designer’s most recent AW16 collection is a melange of monochrome with a hint of violet. Patterns of spirograph-like stripes adorn the feminine shapes, and we see strong architectural silhouettes in a range of pants, blazers, dresses, leather jackets and a few evening pieces. We are especially loving the devore velvet, black maxi dress with leather strap waist detailing with a silver eyelet neckline. Not to mention the shadow striped three-piece pantsuit with straight leg trousers and two matching jacket options, mimicking that the androgynous trend isn’t going anywhere fast.

About the Author

Sabi Datoo-Lalji is a British Fashion Editor and Consultant living in Chelsea, NYC. When she isn't dreaming about Valentino Rock Studs, Sabi can be found practicing yoga and finding zen-like havens for her blog ( Follow her whimsicle footprint on Twitter & Instagram @sabidatoolalji