Designers to Watch: Oscar Tiye

The decision to build the Milanese shoe label came from the original desire to manifest the ideal shoe. Dictated by purism, Oscar Tiye is born out of the essence of the primary desire of every woman- a shoe capable of expressing elegance and strength in perfect balance. Founded in 2013, the brand has exponentially grown to increasing heights as the world steps out in their Oscars.  

Oscar Tiye shoes are made entirely in Italy within the prestigious Riviera del Brenta area, in dedication to traditional craftsmanship and exceptional quality. The finest leathers and fabrics are hand made by remarkable artisans. With its Italian craftsmanship and conceivable mainstay, Oscar Tiye possesses a strong semblance of Arab influence dating back to the designer’s Middle Eastern heritage. The brand’s ode to such culture is reflected in the stylized logo, present on each sole, representing a sacred symbol belonging to the Arab world, signifying a lucky charm and bearer of happy events.

It is comprehensible as to the popularity following Oscar Tiye’s particular style, Minnie, designed by the inimitable talent of Amina Muaddi. Worldly recognizable mouse ears are subtly designed to gently kiss the back of the ankle in declaration of femininity. The sought-after style is offered in a variation of fabrics, embellishments and heel heights.

Inspired by culture, driven by the harmony of youth and icons of the past, Oscar Tiye is leading the shoe game, with their brazen creativity and forward thinking style.

About the Author

Jennifer Paccione is a fashion editor who shares her time between New York City and Milan. She has been featured and published with respected magazines internationally in various languages. She currently acts as contributing editor for publications including Bulgari Magazine, The Fashionable Lampoon, Fashion to Max and RedMilk Magazine, whilst having contributed for NYLON and Editorialist. Alongside journalism, Jennifer freelances as a social media and digital marketing advisor, having already worked with brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Alberta Ferretti and Philosophy, among many. Follow her on Instagram @jenniferpaccione