Designers to Watch: Raquel Diniz

After seeing Raquel Diniz’s Spring Summer 2018 presentation in Milan, we are head over heels for her pieces. With striking patterns and the most fluid like silks, we can confidently say that we have found your new go to dress designer.

Originally from Brazil and now based in Milan, Diniz learned to love and appreciate the art of fashion from an early age from her mother. In her young adult life she followed her instincts and longingness to learn and relocated to Europe to attend college and further her modeling career. Shortly after moving to Italy, Diniz was accepted into the highly reputable Marangoni Fashion Institute to enrich her design studies.

Upon graduating in 2011, Diniz worked for some time at a public relations agency but quickly saw herself falling in love with the more creative side of things. Diniz began making made to measure dresses in her living room and saw her cliental immensely grow which led her to develop a small collection that reached global levels and demands.

As an accomplished graphic designer, one can experience her self-made prints and patterns throughout the collections in a whimsical way. From perfectly executed florals to intricate paisley and sophisticated polka dots, there is an effortless grace that is seen from one piece to another. Long and breathable maxi dresses with ruffle and wrap details are exactly what women today are looking to wear to feel sexy and feminine all at the same time.

This marked the first formal presentation for the Raquel Diniz brand, first of many we can presume! Set in a an old Milanese home with a luscious garden and ornate living space, models looked earthy yet refined, accenting the home like one of a kind centerpieces. “The inspiration and energy behind the Spring Summer collection is the 1970s with a dash of romance,” Diniz said.

“I love the idea of simplistic dressing and offering options to women that suit all their daily needs,” Diniz explains. There is something to be said about opening your closet and not having to stress. Having the ability to put on a beautifully crafted dress that looks equally as chic in white tennis sneakers as it does paired with evening stilettos is what we are all about these days.

Last year, Diniz joined a premier showroom in Milan placing her in prestigious stores and ecommerce platforms including Matches, Moda Operandi, Five Story and most recently Barneys to name a few. “It is really exciting and actually a bit humbling to see how well and quickly things are taking off. I am really grateful to have such fantastic retail support. I hope with upcoming collections things only continue to go up from here,” Diniz shares.

For the next season, we can expect to see continuation of iconic Raquel Diniz silhouettes with introduction and growth into more novelty pieces like separates and blouses. We already have Raquel Diniz’s second presentation penciled in our schedule for next season and we have just gotten back from Europe! Great things to come from this designer, happy we can be of service by putting her on your radar early in the game

About the Author

Michelle Costa currently works as Senior Account Executive at Network USA, representing various luxury RTW and accessory clients. She began her career at Harper’s Bazaar, Town & Country and Cartier. An original beach bum turned fashion publicist residing on the Upper West Side in NYC. Follow her journey on Instagram @michellemariacosta